Rod Aycox is the founder of the popular LoanStar Title Loans, apart from other companies. After many years of thinking how to give part of himself to the community, he put up the Rod and Leslie Aycox Family Foundation with his wife. This organization was created for the couple to raise a significant amount of money, with the help of family members and friends in the society. The money raised will be used as donation to many worthwhile causes, particularly in communities that needed financial help. In the mean time, Rod Aycox decided to work on the loan industry, seeing that he has been gaining success in this field. Rod Aycox was also involved in other charitable events. He had the chance to sponsor the 4th Ward Health and the Youth Educational Center in the City of Houston, it Texas.

Rod Aycox was a staunch supporter and fan of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was one of those who strongly put their support to the building of the memorial that commemorated all the accomplishments and feats done by Martin Luther King, Jr. He has grown to love the individual, if only because of King’s dedication to promote equality and general welfare of the poor, disadvantaged and disenfranchised. Martin Luther King worked on to extend the full suffrage rights to his African-American brothers in the South. He fought vehemently to make sure that segregation has ended in this country. He was also one of the leading spokespersons against the Vietnam War. He became one of the truly evangelical leaders of the movement for change when Rosa Parks performed her act of civil disobedience, which is the refusal to give her seat at a public bus. This feat by Parks sparked riots, boycotts and national rallies; all of this gave inspiration to Rod Aycox as a young man.

Rod Aycox led the Memorial Foundation for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He makes sure that donations keep pouring for the realization of the foundation. He likewise led on the design and creation of the memorial. The goal of this memorial is to celebrate Dr. Luther King’s peaceful contributions to the country and the whole world. Rod Aycox makes sure that his donations are enough to help the memorial foundation, which will serve to celebrate legacy of the man. Such memorial will likewise keep the dream of King alive for the benefit of the future generations. These new generations will be the ones who will receive his unending message of democracy, justice, and hope. Indeed, Martin Luther King, according to Rod Aycox was an ideal example of how even the ordinary individual can rise above all when it comes to the call for justice.

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